Top Places to Celebrate Your Honeymoon and Anniversary

Oahu, Hawaii

Referred to as the “Heart of Hawaii”, it’s easy to see why this island is a popular getaway for so many. Not only does its picturesque beaches and legendary sunsets look like they came right off a canvas, it is also home to amazing nightlife, endless amounts of water activities such as surfing and snorkelling, and shopping outlets to suit any budget. To truly experience the glory of Oahu, hire a car for a day and explore the island at your leisure. Must see destinations include Turtle Beach, Diamond Head lookout and the legendary Giovanni’s shrimp truck. But what really makes this island special is its local people, whose friendly nature welcomes visitors from far and wide.

Phuket, Thailand

Whether it’s sipping a cocktail by the beach whilst admiring the crystal blue waters, enjoying a traditional Thai massage, or trekking through the forest on the back of an elephant, Phuket is a paradise fit for all. Aside from the fact that this tropical destination has warm weather all year round and a vibrant nightlife like no other, it is a city enriched with culture and deep rooted traditions. Visit one of the many amazing temples scattered across the city or travel by tuk-tuk to the mighty Big Buddha statue where you can receive a blessing from a monk. Be sure to check out Phuket Town’s weekend night markets, enjoy some much-needed R&R and become immersed in the culture of this beachside city’s beautiful people.

Lisbon, Portugal

Think ancient castle-like buildings, narrow cobblestone streets and vintage shops, set alongside palm trees and beautifully warm weather – Lisbon is an enchanting ancient city getaway. Its 19th century style riverside markets, lively art community and beautiful cathedrals make for great exploration. Looking for a relaxing beach day?

Further afield, travel to Portugal’s southern-most region, Algarve, a coastal haven all about leisure and relaxation. The beach at Praia de Dona Ana is a must. Take in its white sand and pristine blue waters, and then head into the town for a delicious lunch at one of its many cafes and bars. The many picturesque coastal cities found along Algarve are summer havens combining a touch of old world charm with the vibrancy of Portuguese culture.

Byron Bay, NSW

A little closer to home is the coastal town of Byron Bay known for its immaculate beaches, amazing scenery and laid back lifestyle. While visiting this coastal paradise, check out Cape Byron Lighthouse and watch the sun rise above the horizon. From kayaking to surfing, bike riding to scuba diving, the adventurous side of you will be begging you for more, and when you get tired from all these endeavours, take a break and lay back on the beach or call into one of many quirky shops and cafes. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Byron Bay will impress, creating a serene environment for you and your significant other to both rest and play.