Planning a Vacation? Don’t Forget These Essential Items for Your Next Trip

With summer slowly fading away and the holidays right around the corner it can feel like you are stuck in a limbo between reminiscing about what a great fun filled summer you had and starting get excited about all the great things that come with the upcoming holiday season. Whenever I am in this state of mind I always get the itch to start planning for holidays so that I can create some solid plans to look forward to. With a restless mind my first thought is always to plan a vacation. Some people say that vacationing around the holidays is stressful, and that if you are really going to do it right then you have to start planning pretty far in advance. However, I am of the mindset that you are able to get better deals the closer it gets, so if you are just starting to plan now you may have an advantage when it comes to pricing. No matter where you are headed, there are a few essential items you should make sure you bring with you.

Good Walking Shoes

Whenever I go on vacation I always like to spend at least one day walking around on foot. This is the best way to see a city or town sometimes, because you can miss so much when you are in a car. Everything goes by so fast and it is harder to see what is there when you look up. If you are driving the car it might be even harder because you have to pay attention to everything around you while navigating the road. Even worse, is if you are on public transportation that goes underground, you are completely missing out on everything that is going on around you and all of the landscape or architecture that there is to see. Do yourself a favor, and plan a day to do a walking tour. You can join a group with a guide, buy a tour book to go off on your own, or wing it and wander aimlessly soaking up whatever you happen to pass way. No matter how you go about it, make sure you get yourself a good pair of walking shoes from so you can still enjoy the rest of your vacation after spending all day on your feet.

A Durable Day Pack

One of the most essential items you can bring on your next vacation is a durable backpack that can squish down to be packed inside of your luggage. This will come in handy if you are going on a hike, a day trip, or need to stock up at the grocery store. Not only is it environmentally friendly but it is also much more comfortable than carrying around a plastic bag, especially if you have heavy items. There are plenty of options online to choose from and some larger sized travel bags even have a removable day pack attached to turn your two bags into one and maximize space.