A Ladies Packing List


A maxi dress provides you with length if you’re visiting a site such as a church dress that requires modest dress.  It also provides some protection on windy days, and can be worn with a cardigan or jacket on those days when the weather is a little cooler. It’s a good idea to also include a dress with a longer sleeves, not just for modesty but also for protection from inclement weather.


Leggings are great for travelling as their stretchy waistband and fabric make them really comfortable, and they can be paired with virtually anything. Black is good colour to use as your base as it’s forgiving with dirt and you can easily throw on a bright t-shirt to freshen up in no time.  A pair of lightweight jeans or capri pants can add further comfort and style to your wardrobe options.  It’s a good idea to throw in a pair of shorts too, just in case.


It is advisable to pack a selection of tops with sleeves of varying length when backpacking in Europe. The longer sleeve length will keep you warmer on the cooler days and are a bit more conservative if you’re planning to visit sites where modest dress is required.  If some of the cities you are visiting are likely to be very hot, ensure that you also include a few tops that are made from a light, breathable fabric.


Even in the summer, you should travel with two pieces of outerwear that can be worn alone or layered for cooler weather. Remember, not all destinations are hot and sunny during this time of year and it can still be rainy and grey in places like England. A cardigan is a comfortable and appropriate item to wear alone or layered over a dress or t-shirt when you need added warmth.  A military jacket or trench coat is essential to keep you warm and dry on those cooler days, and a hoodie is great for when you are caught in an unexpected rain shower.  A leather jacket can also be a great item for travelling as it is generally waterproof, durable, and timeless.


It is essential to have appropriate footwear when travelling in Europe: you will need shoes that are comfortable for walking for long periods, and are durable, waterproof, and stylish. Your footwear depends on your planned activities and personal preference. Recommends packing a pair of sandals that suit your personal style and colour preferences, but to ensure that they are comfortable and easy to walk in.  A comfortable walking shoe is also important, but be sure to wear them in before you head overseas.  Ensure that you also have at least one pair of shoes that are more suitable for more formal situations.

Extras and Accessories

A sun hat is essential on searing hot days to protect your face from the sun and keep you cool. Sunglasses will do the same for your eyes while an umbrella tucked in your day bag is great insurance against unexpected rain showers. Scarves are a great accessory to include in your suitcase: not only are they extremely light and compact to pack, but they also add a bit of warmth and bring color and personality to your outfit. Hair brush, mini shampoo and conditioner, makeup (a BB Cream that contains an SPF is a good way to save time in the mornings), bronzer and brush, and other cosmetics.  Rosehip oil is great for maintaining well-hydrated skin. Sample sized cleaners and face creams (ideally one that’s suitable for both day- and night-time use) are great to throw in too.